5 Documentation of learning Achievements:

With two “Competence Radars“ and the descriptions in the E-portfolio, the COMPASS Certificate describes the learning achievements and competence progress made during the work placement abroad. This self-assessment of the participants is completed by supporting certifications by both the sending and the hosting organisation.

This step of the COMPASS Method aims at actively involving the mobility participants into the reflection and wording of their learning achievements.

Subsequently, the COMPASS Certificate is attached to the EuropassMobility to make the individual learning process transparent and to show the competence progress in a comprehensible manner.

Hands-on recommendations

Prepare a template of the COMPASS Certificate for your mobility project. You can adapt it individually.

Send this template to your mobility participants while they are still abroad pointing out that with the description of learning achievements in their E-portfolio they can actively contribute to the documentation in the COMPASS Certificate.

If need be, offer help regarding the wording of the learning achievements.

The COMPASS “Competence Chart “ can help you with the competence-related wording and allocation of the learning achievements. As this matrix is available in seven European languages, your partners can also read to which competence fields the learning achievements described in the COMPASS Certificate refers to.

If possible, establish a relationship of the description of learning achievements and the previously agreed learning objectives and try to describe the learning achievements in all four competence fields of the COMPASS Competence Chart in order to document the value and sustainability of the work placement abroad in the professional, interpersonal and intercultural respect.

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