3s research laboratory

Logo: 3s research laboratory3s research laboratory is one of the leading research institutions in the field of vocational training in Austria. 3s disposes of experience in design and execution of projects in the fields of training, learning and working, as well as the development of methods, tools for assessment and evaluation of qualifications and skills. In this case, 3s focuses on the transition zone between education and professional training or education and the employment market respectively. 3s is seasoned in the coordination of and collaboration in various European projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, EC) and is a member of the Austrian CEDEFOP reference network, consulting Austrian Ministries  (e.g. with regards to the development of a national qualification framework and the introduction ECVET-system in Austria, the certification of group-internal vocational training as well as quality assurance, etc.).

3s research laboratory coordinates the development of the final assessment with regards to the definition and documentation framework. In the trial phase, 3s will create a user guideline based on the experience gathered from the project, and also support the circulation of the project results by conducting training seminars and forwarding the results to relevant specialist circles in Austria and Europe.


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