3 Conclusion of a COMPASS Learning Agreement

The COMPASS Database provides you with a form with the help of which you prepare a learning agreement, which, apart from the description of the intended curricula and learning objectives of the work placement, also contains the participant’s individual competence profile.

The advantage of this method is that the form of the two previously described “Competence Radars“ allows the intended competence development to be visualised to all parties involved so that, in the course of the work placement abroad and for later documentation of the respective learning achievements, reference can be made accordingly.

The template created in the COMPASS Database is converted into a pdf file which can be printed or sent to the international partner via email for signature; it can be attached to the Leonardo-da-Vinci- Work Placement Agreement as an addendum containing details of the competence-related learning objectives.

Hands-on recommendations

Create a standard learning agreement template for your mobility project.

With reference to the competence fields in the COMPASS Competence Chart, describe the learning objectives you pursue with your mobility project. If need be, refer to the wording of the “Can Descriptions“

Use the matrix of the COMPASS Competence Chart to allocate your learning objective wording. As this matrix is available in seven European languages, the partners can read them, too. This facilitates the alignment of the learning objectives for your project with your international partners.

Complete the standard template by the information provided by your mobility participants in their E-portfolio in their competence profiles. As a rule, these descriptions contain very specific information about the learning objectives pursued in the work placement abroad. These learning objective wordings can be aligned and completed in the scope of the selection interview.

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