4 Description of Learning Achievements

In their E-portfolios, mobility participants describe their experience and learning progress made abroad. In addition, they update their competence profiles to visualise their competence progress.

For thus purpose and prior to the end of the work placement abroad, please send two emails to your mobility participants asking them to prepare new competence profiles. Via a link sent to them they will again get access to a list of “Can Descriptions“ with the help of which they can assess their skills in the various competence fields.

Based on the findings of the first and second competence assessment, you generate two individual “Competence Radars“ in the COMPASS Database, which, by two parallel horizontal lines, visualises the fields in which the participant sees his/her individual competence progress.

Together with the entries in their E-portfolios, the participants can so describe their own perception of the experience and learning achievements made abroad.

Hands-on recommendations

Whenever possible, incorporate the use of the COMPASS E-portfolio into the tutorial guidance of your mobility project.

Make sure that your mobility participants in the host country have unlimited access to the Internet so that they can work with their portfolios.

Please also advise your international partner organisations as to the various possibilities to use the database with the help of the information provided in various languages

Support the use of the E-portfolio with regular email communication and inform about the various applications

Motivate your mobility participants to use their E-portfolios as a diary while they are abroad in order to let their friends and relatives know about the progress and outstanding events.

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