Bundesarbeitskreis ARBEIT UND LEBEN e.V. DGB/VHS

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Together with international partners and in cooperation with existing branches, ARBEIT UND LEBEN organises approximately 8,000 educational events with 300,000 participants each year. About 100 of these events consist of youth meetings with a topic focus on socio-political and professional orientation in Europe. Moreover, embedded in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci-Mobility Program, various projects are designed to arrange job placements for different target groups in Germany, as well as in European partner countries.

ARBEIT UND LEBEN disposes of vast experience in the coordination of joint European projects, the development of training programs for tutors and training supervisors and via the steering group of Certificates International, ARBEIT UND LEBEN is also engaged in the development of credit systems of non-formal and informal learning achievements.

The Federal Office of ARBEIT UND LEBEN coordinates the overall execution of the project, takes part in the development of the definition and documentation framework, methods and procedures devised during the project, as well as the circulation and effective storage of the project results.


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